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Mobile Wheel Alignments & Balancing for Trucks, Trailers, Buses & Motorhomes

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Industry Experience

With over 14 years of industry experience, you can rest assured Wheely Straight will offer professional & efficient service. 

Mobile Service

Need a wheel alignment? No problem, we bring our services to you! With our mobile service, you don't have to worry about driving somewhere to get a check.

Heavy Vehicles

We specialise in providing wheel alignment services for heavy vehicles such as motorhomes, trailers and buses.

Competitive Prices

We offer incredibly competitive prices to all of our customers. 

We travel anywhere in Auckland, North Shore, Kaipara District, Whangarei and as far as Kerikeri. 

 Please don’t hesitate to contact for other areas. 

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Over 14 years in the business of heavy vehicle alignment & balancing

We provide exceptional wheel alignment and balancing services for heavy vehicles in Auckland, North Shore, Kaipara, Whangarei & the Far North Area.

If you've got a truck, motorhome, trailer, or bus, we'll come to you with our mobile service & perform a professional wheel alignment service.

Extend the life of your vehicle with regular wheel alignment checks.

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Why are wheel alignments and balancing so beneficial?

1. Ensure a smoother and safer driving experience

2. Get the maximum life out of your tyre tread and to save money on unnecessary tyre replacements
3. Lower your fuel expense (Up to 7%)
4. Drive more comfortably, resulting in less driver ​fatigue
5. Help preserve your vehicle suspension, resulting in less maintenance and repairs costs.

Signs your vehicle is due for a wheel alignment

  • When driving, the vehicle continually "pulls" towards one side of the road, resulting in the need for frequent corrective movements. Pulling in one direction or another is the most common and easily spotted sign that you need an alignment. If you cannot keep the vehicle driving straight with a minimum level of effort, give us a call.

  • You've noticed that the treads on your tyres show uneven patterns of wear, even if you've had your tyres properly rotated. Many drivers think rotation is all they need to maximise the life of their tyres, but without proper alignment, your tyres won't touch the ground in precisely the same way. This means that some tyres will wear out faster than others, resulting in unnecessary tyre replacements.
  • You feel frequent and unusual vibrations through the steering wheel when driving, or the wheel itself does not stay perfectly straight when driving forward. These are signs that one or more wheels are not in even contact with the road.

Why choose Wheely Straight?

As a mobile wheel alignment service, we come to you, so you can watch us work first-hand. Accountability is important to us. When you have questions, we'll always be quick with an answer. With many satisfied clients already, we look forward to continuing to exceed expectations.

We're known for putting our customers' needs first, and as an independently owned and operated business, a top-shelf experience for our clients is our goal on every job. From working within your schedule to travelling to provide a wheel alignment, we will go the extra mile for you.

With mobile capabilities and consistent dedication to a job done right the first time, we hope to inspire trust in all our customers.

Don't deal with the frustration of a vehicle that doesn't handle the way it should. 

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