Wheely Straight

You want it ‘Wheely Straight?’

Wheely Straight is a heavy transport mobile wheel alignment and balancing business owned and operated by Zane Polkinghorne, who has more than 14 years experience in the industry.

“I completed my automotive apprenticeship and worked at a country workshop in Maungaturoto for six years. Looking for another challenge, I made the move down to Auckland and become a qualified diesel mechanic, specialising in heavy transport.” Zane says over the years he noticed that many people were not aware of the benefits of regular wheel alignments or did not always have time to take their vehicles to a workshop to have this done. “When I was working on light passenger vehicles, whenever a steering or suspension component was replaced or even new tyres were fitted, a wheel alignment was carried out.

Yet I found that when the same repairs and work were done in the heavy transport industry, customers would seldom get wheel alignments done due to time restrictions and other operational constraints.

 “And before they know it, it’s too late and their new tyres need premature replacing – not to mention the extra amount spent on fuel, as out of alignment trucks have higher fuel consumption.” This is where Wheely Straight Limited comes in, as they offer a mobile wheel alignment service and can visit customers at a time that suits them and their business.

“I am based out of two locations, covering from Auckland to Whangarei and anywhere in between,” says Zane.

I offer the most affordable prices around and can work at any time that suits the customer.” Wheely Straight Limited offers mobile wheel alignment and balancing for trucks, trailers, buses and motorhomes. Services include pre-alignment checks to ensure that all steering and suspension components are up to the required safety standards; front axle wheel alignment; rear axle wheel alignment; trailer axle wheel alignment; wheel balancing, and tyre pressure checks.

Call Zane at Wheely Straight Limited on 021 201 6959