Wheely Straight Limited

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vehicles do you work on?

We repair and service all on road vehicles, small to large.

Are you able to meet me at work or at my home?

Yes, we can.  As we are mobile, we're able to come to you to solve your vehicles issues.  As long as we have somewhere safe to work, we'll get the job sorted for you.

 How do I know if I need a wheel alignment?

  • You'll notice the following with your vehicle:
  • Tyres wearing out rapidly showing uneven tread patterns and frequent tyre replacements are needed.
  • Increase in fuel consumption.
  • Pulling towards the left or the right as you're driving.
  • Vibrations in your steering wheel, as well as not being centred when the vehicle is moving straight ahead.

 How often should you have a wheel alignment?

  • When new tyres have been fitted.
  • After any suspension and steering repairs.
  • If any vibrations, steering issues or driver discomfort occurs.
  • Once a year or at every 50,000 kms.

Why should you get a wheel balance?

  • To ensure a smooth and comfortable ride every time.
  • Reduce tyre and tread wear.
  • Help preserve your vehicle suspension.
  • To save on fuel costs.

How do I know if I need a wheel balance?

  • When new tyres have been fitted.
  • If your vehicle has a vibration in the steering wheel, seat or floor boards.
  • Tyre wear (cupping)

What areas do you service?

Wheely Straight Limited services Mangawhai, Auckland, Albany, North Shore, Wellsford, Whangarei, Kaipara district and the Far North

How do I book in for a wheel alignment?

Phone Wheely Straight on 0212016959 or fill in your details on the contact page and we'll contact you to discuss your requirements.