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How Tyre Balancing Helps Keep You Safer on the Road

When was the last time you brought your vehicle in for tyre balancing? Not rotating — that's something different altogether. Balancing your tyres involves ensuring an even distribution of the weight across all four tyres. Did you know this is an essential service, just as alignments are? At Wheely Straight Limited, a fully mobile service, we can help you both learn about why this is important and take care of your vehicle's needs.

The Importance of Alignment and Balancing for Your Vehicle

Here's why it's critical to periodically have a professional rebalance and align your vehicle, large or small. Proper balancing prevents early wear on your tyres, an essential step in preserving your investment in quality tyres. If you buy a brand new set of tyres, but they are not balanced for even contact with the road, some parts of the tread will wear away faster than others. The same can happen when your suspension is not well-aligned. Before long, you may need another set of tyres much sooner than you anticipated.

Left unchecked, poor balance, or a suspension that is out of alignment can affect the experience you have driving the vehicle. You can expect degraded driving quality and a vehicle that is more difficult to control when it is out of alignment — it will tend to "drift" towards one side of the road. Many drivers find constantly correcting this drift to be very fatiguing. Preserve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle — an especially important attribute for larger and heavier vehicles. With proper balance and alignment, your tyres maintain even contact with the road. Your engine won't need to work as hard to move the vehicle forward, offering some small but important economy improvements.

Why Wheely Straight Limited is a Cost-Effective Option for Wheel Balancing

As a mobile service, we don’t have to face the pressures of high overheads that come with running a full shop. Fully equipped with everything we need to tackle even very large balancing efforts, we look forward to the opportunity of making your vehicle safer and easier to drive today. 

About the Professional Staff of Wheely Straight Limited

We have more than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, working with heavy commercial transport vehicles. We're able to realign and rebalance vehicles lending us a versatility that's tough to replicate. We're fully mobile — we come straight to you when you need a truck alignment or tyre balancing. With all the right tools and equipment on hand in our service vehicles, it won't be long before we have your vehicle driving "wheely straight" again.

We love a good challenge and always look for opportunities to go above and beyond for our customers.