Wheely Straight Limited

Our Automotive and Heavy Diesel Services Include:

  • Petrol and Diesel repairs & maintenance

  • Vehicle turning and servicing

  • WOF and COF repairs

  • Diagnostic checks

  • Pre-purchase inspections

"Awesome service. Quick, efficient and being mobile is a huge bonus. A+

- Liam Cooke

Our Heavy Transport Wheel Alignment Services Include:

    • Pre - Alignment checks to ensure that all steering and suspension components are up to the required safety standards
    • Wheel balancing
    • Toe camber and caster angle checks​
    • Rear axle out of square checks

Wheel Alignments for Heavy Transport

When you notice the tell-tale signs of problems with your vehicle's wheel alignment, what are your next steps?

Many people let this problem go, simply "dealing with it" because they do not have the time to leave their vehicle with a mechanic. At Wheely Straight Limited, our mobile service solves this problem — and the ones you're having with your alignment.

When your suspension goes out of alignment, the wheels don’t touch the road surface evenly and all at the same angle. Over time, this will cause some tyres to wear out faster with uneven tread wear and will result in more frequent tyre replacements.

Wheely Straight puts your needs first, we offer a fully mobile service — so we can come to your location at a time and place most convenient for your schedule.

For many drivers, especially those operating heavy transport vehicles, finding time to come in for a wheel alignment is next to impossible. We can carry out the work in many locations, and we always strive to arrive on time. We've spent more than 14 years in the industry, honing our skills to reach the level where they are today. After years spent in diesel services, we recognised how many people weren't aware of the crucial importance of proper alignment and balancing. Today, we're proud to use our experience to provide highly cost-effective truck and bus wheel alignments.

The results speak for themselves. Our clients immediately feel the difference in driving quality compared to the vehicle's tendencies pre-alignment.

The Benefits of a Wheel Alignment from Wheely Straight

Enjoy a smoother, safer, and less fatiguing experience while driving, especially over long distances. Fighting against a vehicle that wants to drift to the left or the right is tiresome and may lead to distracted driving. Correcting the problem is a matter of safety for yourself and everyone else on the road. Reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your suspension and preserve your vehicle's fuel economy. In some cases, drivers enjoy up to a 7% improvement in fuel efficiency following an alignment. Meanwhile, your suspension may last longer, too.

Signs your vehicle is due for a Wheel Alignment

When driving, the vehicle continually "pulls" towards one side of the road, resulting in the need for frequent corrective movements. Pulling in one direction or another is the most common and easily spotted sign that you need an alignment. If you cannot keep the vehicle driving straight with a minimum level of effort, give us a call.

You've noticed that the treads on your tyres show uneven patterns of wear, even if you've had your tyres properly rotated. Many drivers think rotation is all they need to maximise the life of their tyres, but without proper alignment, your tyres won't touch the ground in precisely the same way. This means that some tyres will wear out faster than others, resulting in unnecessary tyre replacements.

You feel frequent and unusual vibrations through the steering wheel when driving, or the wheel itself does not stay perfectly straight when driving forward. These are signs that one or more wheels are not in even contact with the road.

Why are wheel alignments and balancing so beneficial?

Ensure a smoother and safer driving experience 
 Get the maximum life out of your tyre tread and to save money on unnecessary tyre replacements 

 Lower your fuel expense (Up to 7%) 
Drive more comfortably, resulting in less driver ​fatigue 
Help preserve your vehicle suspension, resulting in less maintenance and repairs costs.